Short Stories!

The following is a list of short stories written by me along with its length and a brief description:

“Lavender Walls”

339 words

A relaxing piece; a grandfather and his grandchild.

“Id and Ego” 

481 words

A conversation between two voices.

“The Siren’s Grotto” – Graphic content: gore!

2,869 words

A naive captain sailing around the Cape of Good Hope.

“Al-Ghorfa” – Graphic content: gore, language!

1,261 words

A woman and her children struggling to survive in the midst of war.

“Magpies and Blowflies”

488 words

A woman and her beloved on a spring afternoon.

“The Tale of Marie Dammia Annette”

3,103 words

A girl in the French Revolution and her dreams to become a performer.

“The Rebels vs. The Empire”

487 words

The mindset of certain individuals during war.

“As If Holding Hands with the Devil” Graphic content: gore!

897 words

A story of two boys holding hands.

“On Mortality”

1,022 words

Children and their fears along with their mother’s reaction.

“The Contemplation of Homicide” – Graphic content: gore!

3,901 words

A horror story; peering into the mind of a killer.

“The Macabre Figure” – Graphic content: gore!

1,122 words

A tale of an artist and his obsession.

“Young Love”

495 words

Three things he could never tell her.

“Gilded Dreams”

504 words

A story about a girl chasing her dreams.

“The Fruit of Our Labor”

606 words

The beauty and hardships of taking care of our elders.

“Kumo to Chō”

319 words

The spider and the butterfly.

“Adam the Prince”

539 words

A story of a little girl obsessed with her best friend.


376 words

A boy struggling with his family life.

“Projection” – Graphic content: gore!

3,855 words

A horror story; a normal man with a secret double life.

“The Prophet of Elysium” 

2,431 words

A man consumed in grief; a re-telling of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”