The following are photographs taken by me listed in categories based on subject matter:


Photos where the sun is used for emphasis or is the main subject.

Against the Sky

Reach for the sky or go against it. Photos where the subject meets the sky.


Animals are great. Here are photos of some.

Damask Curtains

Pictures of my windows and curtains. I love them a lot.


I love my siblings, so, of course I love to take pictures of them and their wild adventures.

Benevolent and Tempter

Photos depicting holy (or unholy) subject matter.

In Memoriam

Many photo opportunities lie in a cemetery.

Strangeness in the Proportion

There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion – Edgar Allan Poe, Ligeia

Non Applicable

These photos don’t really fit into a category. However, it doesn’t make them less cool.