“Kumo to Chō”

Story written by Franklin Rayeski — Please do not use without crediting me

          There once was a spider named Shizuka, who spent her days weaving webs between dead trees, separating herself far from any other living thing. She lived her lonesome years silently, trudging through her life with no other intent than to live. Her body bore a deep gray hue that reflected the world in which she saw. This was her way of life, vegetative and still, until one fateful evening, when she fell in love with a butterfly named Yasushi. He fluttered into her gaze with his cherry blossom wings that kissed the lapis sky. The world breathed new colors that she had never seen before; her purpose was reborn by this single, magnificent creature. He is beautiful, she thought and stared from the shadows, He is so beautiful.
          But other insects flew beside her newfound love, wrecking Shizuka’s view of her jewel. Disgusting pests swarmed her beloved and a deep rage befell the spider. When Yasushi was out of sight, Shizuka would lure the other insects into her web. As they approached, she wrapped her sharp silk around their quivering bodies and wrung them out of existence. She climbed about their crushed corpses and devoured the remains; she washed away the red and polished her web into a clean, shimmering silver.
          After all was done and no other insect was in sight, Yasushi was drawn to her gleaming nest. He landed on her inviting trap and Shizuka gently tied her web around him. By the time he knew what she was doing, it was far too late; he was eternally bound to the spider and the spider’s web. Shizuka smiled at her permanent guest and treated him with all the adoration her dead heart could offer. She caressed her love with her long black fingers; she pet her darling Yasushi with the utmost tenderly care. He is beautiful. She thought, stroking his vibrant pure wings. And, he is mine.


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