“Mother of Hope”

Poem written by Franklin Rayeski – Please do not use without crediting me

There’s a distant hum that echoes in the darkness,
In the midst of a hurricane, it whispers.
With the harsh elements beating against the walls,
There’s a gentle voice there speaking.

She tells you everything will be alright;
She says that all storms are meant to pass;
She tells you that you will come out stronger;
She says that the pain won’t last forever.

Even with the wind screaming through the skies,
Even with the rain clattering against the windows,
Her soft voice still comforts you like a mother,
That cradles her child close to her chest.

Your heart hangs low for awhile
Because it knows the storm outside still hasn’t passed.
But with her voice, hope festers within you,
And with that hope, you grow.


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