“The Rebels vs. The Empire”

Story written by Franklin Rayeski – Please do not use without crediting me

Everybody believes they are the good guy. – Amaryllis Fox

          After the Great War, everything changed. Our nation was divided; lines were drawn but no one was happy with the new countries that were born. Ours in particular housed many different ethnicities that hated one another. No matter what ruler came into power, there was always a coup that took him out and replaced him. It was a vicious cycle until a brutal man reigned over the land with a horrific army that subdued us. The Empire, not liking this ruler’s motives, had him assassinated. A brutal man was dead, but without any grip onto our colliding cultures, our new country went back into chaos. The Empire tried to control us using a secret power, but our Rebels resisted. They fought back valiantly and vanquished the Empire from our land. However, like a snake, turmoil still slithered down the streets.
          I was born years after the Great Rebellion and years and years after the Great War. Civil wars were erupting throughout my country but my town was mostly unaffected. The Empire still reigned supreme over most of the world and they still had their eye on us and our neighbors; they still intervened in the world’s affairs. The rebels from the rebellion had split up into different groups, but, during my childhood, many of them had been combining together under one goal: to create a new country that would be a safe haven for our people.
          It wasn’t until I was a teenager when an old, cloaked man came to me and persuaded me to join the rebels. He told me it was noble and for a noble cause; he told me it was my destiny and that joining is what fate had in store; he told me many things and I couldn’t refuse the offer. I followed him and joined in their cause to take out the Empire for good.
          The Empire hated us—for everything we stood for and for our way of being. For instance, over the span of years, they dropped bombs on us and our neighboring countries. Families, neighbors, people I knew and loved, women and children and many more, all died one after the other, amassing a pile of corpses that could touch the stars if stacked onto one another. This fueled a fire in my heart and I swore to behead each and every man responsible.
          So, me, two gun smugglers and a veiled woman that was like a sister to me, decided to dedicate our lives for the cause of our rebellion. The Empire was attacking us and we needed to fight back. We were willing to do anything necessary to bring them to their knees. We were willing to avenge our country for all the horrors we have had to bare.
          We, the rebels, were ready for a holy war with the Empire—against a blood red sky, under the stars, with our valiant black flags against their star-spangled banners.


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