Poem written by Franklin Rayeski – Please do not use without crediting me.

He kisses his children on the forehead,
And turns to his wife and hugs her goodbye.
They exchange some last few prayers before
He goes off to war, goes off to die.

It might be worth it, for his leader says:
“All great men die for a cause.”
Perhaps, for their country to protect the peace
And to help enforce their ridiculous laws.

Commercials and speakers and movies
All praise those who go to war;
Heroes they are, idols to our kids,
Guardian angels that guard the door.

Some peers from college have gone off,
And he seems to have followed the path
Placed down by his father and grandfather
Who died from the enemy’s wrath.

“You’re protecting your country
And you’ll die for it too;
Come along, sign up, it’s fun
We want you!”

Veterans adored and paraded,
Casualties are mourned on more than one occasion.
He comes forth and swallows his pride;
War: the route for debt’s evasion

Drinking did nothing, nor did ignoring—
He had to go, this was his only choice.
Long cold nights are being awaited,
Now’s not the time for a concerned voice.

So they give him a gun and ammunition,
And encourage the racism to come.
He leaves his family behind
And goes off to kill the American scum.



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