“The Bathroom Mirror”

Poem written by Franklin Rayeski – Please do not use without crediting me

I sit in the bathroom and look in the glass,
And I stare at the flaws until they fade away.
I stare at myself the very same way
That people see themselves everyday.

The feeling of pride is just beyond my reach,
And I’ve exhausted the list of who to blame.
Everyone knows that deep inside we’re all the same,
But we still stare below our chin in shame.

It’s never a thought that’s born from love,
But born from some pathetic desire
To raise some standard just a little higher,
And to burn the excess in a guilty fire.

The thought of someone liking what they see
Is more than enough power to fuel the mind.
It picks our clothes and compliments we can’t find.
It picks out what we hear and see; it makes us deaf and blind.

From normal and plain, we paint ourselves into beauty,
And forfeit the remaining likeness to let our egos take flight.
Our suitors will only ever see us in the dark of night,
And we’ll remove the facade when they’re out of sight.

We carve out the parts that we dislike,
And pick and peck every flaw that we create;
Like a sickness that makes us cry when it’s late,
And lament as if we’re cursed with some awful fate.

We say we truly don’t care what they think.
We say, and away, starve ourselves until daunted,
And work endlessly with visions haunted
Just to feel a little less unwanted.

We wish we could just love ourselves so,
And love the life in which we were blessed,
But we only care about the model undressed,
And we stare in the mirror and hate the rest,
And I stare in the mirror and hate the rest.


2 thoughts on ““The Bathroom Mirror”

  1. Beautiful poem, it’s so true. We claim we don’t care what they think but yet try to change ourselves to the point that we sink into the darkness until we are eventually lost. But do we hate them for it or ourselves?


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