“The Bathroom Mirror”

Poem written by Franklin Rayeski – Please do not use without crediting me

I sit in the bathroom and look in the glass
And stare at the scars until they fade away.
I stare at myself the very same way,
The way we see ourselves everyday.

The taste of blood doesn’t work for me anymore
As I stare as I stand in the dark and change,
And though deep inside we’re all the same,
We still stare below our chin in shame.

It has nothing to do with any sort of love—
Just a pathetic human desire—
And though we’d set our hopes oh so higher,
It’s the thought alone that rages the fire.

The thought of someone liking what they see,
Horrible, we know, but it says in our mind;
It picks our clothes, picks out answers we can’t seem to find,
It also picks out what we hear and see, it makes us deaf and blind.

Wear as much make-up and cream as we possibly can
And let our egos flap their wings and take flight;
Too bad it always seems to fly at night,
Too dark to see any morals in sight.

We carve out parts that we dislike
And pick and peck every flaw we create,
Then we’ll moan and groan over our weight,
Then wish over and over to wipe the slate.

We say we truly don’t care what they think—
We say, and away, starve ourselves until daunted,
Work endlessly with visions haunted,
Just to feel a little less unwanted.

We wish we could just love ourselves so
And love the face in which we were blessed,
But we only care about the model undressed
And we stare in the mirror and hate the rest,
And I stare in the mirror and hate the rest.


2 thoughts on ““The Bathroom Mirror”

  1. Beautiful poem, it’s so true. We claim we don’t care what they think but yet try to change ourselves to the point that we sink into the darkness until we are eventually lost. But do we hate them for it or ourselves?


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