“In Front of the Jury”

Poem written by Franklin Rayeski – Please do not use without crediting me

My scoffers, they, pretend to know:
Me, my life, my love and my failures,
And for that they scorn me so,
Justified, they say, by my aroused anger.

But only I know my bitter life
And all the mountains I have climbed,
And all my burdens, and my strife,
And endless struggle against foes who’re blind.

I will not let them think they’ve won,
In letting their words define my creed.
I alone know only what I have done,
And that, alone, is all I need.

So let them make me black their books
As they scribble my name down in history.
Although I do not deserve their looks,
It is not my job to prove my worthy.

Through it all, they deem me guilty of greed,
And it is too late for me to give my forgiveness.
And for that and them, I will not beg nor plead;
I will retain my posture, I will retain my purpose.


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