Poem written by Franklin Rayeski — Please do not use without crediting me.

So I hide, hide from them all,
And pretend I don’t hear my name.
They’re mad I’m not at their beck and call—
Embrace the darkness, embrace the blame.

But they find me, catch me off guard
And I run, run past all the trees.
They don’t run fast, so I don’t run far;
I know they’ll never catch me.

But I trip and fall to the ground
And they capture me not long after.
Pull my hair, push me down,
All that’s left is the sound of laughter.

Tortured, they torment me
But my heart will never give in.
Dead I lay, alone so coldly—
It seems “faith” was my only sin.


2 thoughts on ““Faith”

  1. I think the line “I know they’ll never be able to catch me” doesn’t exactly fit the rhythm. Maybe just “I know they’ll never catch me?”


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