Welcome to My Domain!

My name is Franklin Rayeski.

I am an aspiring author with a strong dedication to the craft of literature, as well as many other mediums of art. In this blog, you’ll find my many musings that I’ve created. Whether it be for local contests or for my own recreation, I’ve displayed what I can for the world to see.

I typically focus on the topics of the human condition, mental illness and moral ambiguity. While the majority of my work lingers in the dark (as expected for a site titled “Domain of Despair”), there is no darkness without light and I do my best to expand my writing beyond dread and dreary.

I am a strong advocate for widening ones’ perspective, and so, my stories reflect that philosophy. Many of my stories express opinions and beliefs that are not necessarily tied to my own but are shared by many others around the world. I hope that as you read, that you are able to gain a little more insight on something beyond your perspective.

All content here is mine (unless otherwise specified). All criticisms and critiques are welcomed with open arms.

My e-mail is franklynray@outlook.com. Contact me if you’d like.

I hope you enjoy your time here!



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